Meet the Team

Aarthi specializes in graphic design, branding, and media creation. She has design experience in academic research and produces many of the marketing materials for the company. Aarthi loves to do escape rooms and dance in her free time. She plans to study neuroscience and molecular biology in college.

Aarthi Vijayakumar

Creative Director

Abhi works with each division, optimizing communications, advising, and defining future roadmaps. He has the most experience in startups, in management roles as well as in software development, and gravitated to a team leader position. Abhi plans to study computer science at Carnegie Mellon University this fall.

Abhishek Vijayakumar


Eric serves as a software architect. He has several years of development experience using AngularJS and Java. In his free time, he enjoys programming games and watching movies. Next year, he plans to study computer science in college.

Eric Palmer

Client-Side Developer

Zane focuses on product design and development, using his experience with CAD software and manufacturing. He also serves as videographer for pitch and commercial videos. During his free time Zane likes to create 3d art. He is planning to major in mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota.

Zane Meyer

Chief Engineer

Sandy specializes in graphic design and virtual marketing, communicating with potential customers through a variety of social media platforms. Sandy was born in China and speaks fluent Chinese, and enjoys drawing in her free time.

Sandy Zhang

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Aryan specializes in financial management for WriteCase. He has worked as financial and overall leadership positions in previous startups. Aryan does legal work for WriteCase and was a key player in WriteCase's reorganization as an LLC. He also participates in Quiz Bowl and likes to watch Jeopardy.

Aryan Sehgal

Chief Financial Officer

Meryl manages the company’s branding. She designs and develops marketing materials, including the company’s logo. She also collaborates with other team members to prepare the company for upcoming events. Outside of startup, Meryl enjoys rhythmic gymnastics, playing the piano, and learning different languages.

Meryl Wang

Creative Director

Sahil specializes in materials research and product development. He knows how to code in Java and is familiar with mechanical engineering and 3D modeling using CAD software. He was born in India and can fluently speak Hindi. He enjoys playing cricket in his free time.

Sahil Raina

Product Research Manager

Why Us

We face the challenges
of the modern world

As young professionals, we perceive a turning point in the use of technology. We seek to combine the traditional handwritten medium with increasingly popular portable technology into a modern, sleek solution suitable for all consumers, from students to designers to CEOs.

Our Awards

Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest

Innovation Award

Exceptional Exhibit Award

Techie Star Award

Polished Presenter Award

2nd Place

Junior Achievement National Student Leadership Summit


Ernst & Young Innovation Award Finalist

Diamond Challenge

Pitching Round Qualifiers

Blue Ocean Competition

Top 50

MN Cup


Minnesota Council on Economic Education Trade Show

Third Place